About Courier

Courier is the defining media brand for a new generation who want to live and work on their own terms. We’ve been telling insightful and inspiring stories of modern business through print, podcasts, events and more since launching in 2013.

This is the most entrepreneurial era in history. But it’s about more than just starting a new business. It’s about being happy, learning new skills, making your own luck and improving your life. To that end, our bi-monthly magazine Courier is packed with case studies, advice, tips and stories about creators, makers and dreamers who are working better and building lives they love. It now reaches 100,000 readers in 26+ countries – and it’s found everywhere from Tokyo bookshops and Bangkok supermarkets to Atlantan co-working spaces and Brooklyn bodegas.

With everything from productivity tips and mindfulness hacks to hiring how-tos, our flagship email newsletter, Courier Weekly, tells five essential stories every week. A new edition reaches thousands of subscribers around the world every Friday morning at 7am sharp (GMT).

And in May 2019, our team rolled out a monthly newspaper format, Courier London, that tells the best food, drink and retail stories in the British capital. It’s available in 700+ spots across the city – and we’ll soon bring the format to cities farther afield.

London-based but with an international perspective, our mission is to help you: 



Your weekly dose of inspiration, advice & generally smart stuff.

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