21 January 2020 From Courier Issue 33 (Feb/Mar 2020)

Building TikTok into your marketing plan

TikTok marketing tips from Kyra’s brand director Kaio Grizzelle.


Kyra TV was founded in 2017. Last year, the youth-focused video publisher diversified into talent management by scouring TikTok and Instagram, and other platforms to a lesser degree, for stars to manage and produce content with – for example, casting them in series that it can then run on its own YouTube channels (and monetise). It makes sense: after all, TikTok has become the next big thing in influencer marketing, with music and fashion looking to take advantage of the short-video app. Here, Kyra’s brand director Kaio Grizzelle (pictured) talks about the new opportunities that TikTok brings.

Why are brands suddenly looking to take advantage of TikTok?

With half a billion monthly active users (despite being only three years old), TikTok is where the youth live. The rate at which the platform is spawning creators who reach millions on a daily basis is unprecedented, and as Gen Z engage less and less with faceless publishers, brands are hyper aware that these creators, in terms of influence, are the gateway to connecting with an entire generation. TikTok is particularly interesting because of the manner in which it allows creators to grow. Its algorithmically generated home feed is unlike anything else out there insofar as it favours and pushes creators posting ‘good’ content that users genuinely want to engage with. Platforms like Instagram are much harder to crack.

Are you confident that the talent you find on TikTok won’t be one-platform wonders, like we’ve seen with so many YouTube ‘stars’?

In this digital age, you cannot become overly dependent on a given platform because youth audiences are prone to moving around. That said, the best creators are liberated, not constrained, by the number of platforms out there.

How do you ensure that talent is a good fit for your brand?  

We want to work with creators that cut through the noise on cluttered platforms with unique voices that best represent the values and principles of Gen Z.

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