24 November 2017 Courier Weekly

Startup 2018: 15 companies and issues to watch.

PLUS: Cars and the city – Hiring coders – Culture wars – Lunchbox

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Emerging companies and changing sectors.

After investigating several industries, talking to a raft of people and tracking where funding has been flowing, we’ve pinpointed the 15 areas we believe should be closely watched in 2018. Among them are:

Cars, Citymapper and the authorities.

Urban transportation is changing with congested roads, public transport under pressure and city officials getting their heads around things like Uber.

One of the companies at the centre of how things are changing is Citymapper. We profile the enigmatic CEO and founder Azmat Yusuf.

There’s also a conversation about the future of cars in the city with Matej Benuska (Taxify) and Stephen Bee (Drive Now).

Finally, there’s an insight into how it’s being done in Senegal. Niokolo Transports is trying to fix Dakar’s chaotic transport network.

Revolut’s plan to double staff in six months.

Sophie Theen started in her role as finch startup Revolut’s HR leader in June; her first task has been to take the company’s headcount from 120 to over 250 by the end of this year.

It’s required a radical plan to find, recruit and absorb a large number of staff in one go. She talks about a new interviewing process, and how Revolut is battling it out with the likes of Monzo and Transferwise for the best tech talent.

Where does company culture come from?

As people reflect on Uber’s toxic culture, our guest commenters debate the importance of crafting a company’s personality.

Local Globe’s Robin Klein argues culture follows the values and priorities of the leaders, but needs to be codified. Meanwhile Chieu Cao, co-founder and chief marketing officer of Perkbox, says culture needs to come from the ground-up; from the staff themselves.

A packed lunch from Som Saa’s head chef.

Andy Oliver, head chef and co-founder of Thai restaurant Som Saa, contributes to our Lunchbox section in this issue. His suggestion is a Thai surf-and-turf salad; pork and prawns served on a bed of lettuce, coriander, chilli and noodles.