24 November 2017 Issue 20 Dec/Jan

Lunchbox: Som Saa, Thai prawn and pork salad

A quick and easy lunch that's packed full of delicious Thai flavours

Andy Oliver
Head chef and co-founder, Som Saa

Som Saa has received rave reviews and three hour queues for raising the bar of Thai food in London. ‘This is my version of a classic Thai salad, found all over the country,’ says Oliver. ‘Pork and prawn is the surf-and-turf of choice in Thailand, but it’s also great with other seafood like squid or octopus, cooked just like the prawns: poached lightly and then slice before adding to the salad.’


Thai shallots, 3 – 4
Ming bean (glass) noodles, large handful
Lolo bianco lettuce, a few leaves
Asian celery, a pinch
Large tiger prawns, raw, 3 – 4
Pork belly, 150g, Skin off
Coriander leaves, 1 handful
Pan roasted peanuts, plain, 1tbsp


Simmer a small pot of water with salt and lemongrass. Poach prawns gently, then remove from liquid, allow to cool and cut in half. Pound some coriander root, garlic and a few peppercorns into a fine paste, add palm sugar and stir in 1tbsp of fish sauce. Coat the pork in mixture and marinate for an hour at a minimum; then grill, cool and slice thinly. For the dressing, grind chillies, garlic and rest of coriander root into a coarse paste, then mix in lime juice, fish sauce and caster sugar. Pour boiling water over noodles, leave for a few minutes and drain. Add noodles to prawns, pork and the remaining ingredients, serve on lettuce leaves and mix through dressing.